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*takes breath*GODS I HATE HOW PS6 SAVES JPG!!!


Okay, this is the illustration to WTNW 30th episode “Dana”.

I can see nothing but endless sand and a single distant mountain — a mountain I have never seen, because I don’t believe in mountains. But there is a mountain, and there is a tiny red light up on the mountain, intermittently blinking. - on DA


I’ve gotten a few messages from people saying that listening to WTNV on youtube if you’ve got adblock enbaled is fine, but it really isn’t. You’re missing the fact that people are stealing this content from Joseph and Jeffrey, and they’re making money off of the entire cast and crew’s hard work.


So Night Vale tweeted that in the new episode, Cecils gonna get a phone call from a stranger…

Everyone thinks its gonna be earl, or a member of the masked army, or someone like that.

But you know what I think?
Cecils gonna answer that call, and what’s he gonna hear?

Ill tell you.
Hes gonna hear…

"Hi, this is Joseph Fink, creator of Welcome to Night Vale."

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